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1. If you don’t have either a ‘Metamask’ wallet (desk-top) or Trust Wallet (mobile), please install them (preferably both) and get ready to log in to our site. (This is needed in logging-in, posting NFTs, and getting rewarded with IEBF tokens later.) The instructions on how to install them and log-in using them are explained in the following videos. >>>

>>> When you are logged-in (connected) with your Metamask wallet (desk-top) or Trust Wallet (mobile), your wallet address (ex. 0xc9726f81161C2857269C4Ed67118c99Ce38b8211) will automatically be used as your ‘username.’

>>> In order to change your (user) name, please click on your profile image – it will take you to your profile page on which you can ‘edit’ the information you want. (*It is also O.K. remain pseudonymous, using your wallet address or a nickname – it is up to you. The option to do so is one of the advantages we have in our ‘crypto-world’.)

2. Please watch the tutorials on how to participate in the LT2E game by creating a ‘project’ (= topic) in a forum or by joining a project that is posted by other participants. >>>

3. Please be aware that the rules of the LT2E game can change as it evolves. (All the significant rule changes will be noted on the front page of our website, and will be enforced as they are posted.)


For inquiries or comments, please email us at:


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